Kleen-Away Organic Weed Strike 5L

Kleen-Away Organic Weed Strike 5L

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Kleen-Away Organic Weed Strike uses mostly natural ingredients, and is a contact weed killer, causing rapid wilting of leaves.  This can happen in just a few hours.  The most effective way to use is on actively growing weeds, applied in hot sunny conditions, without the chance of rain within 6 hours.

NO GLYPHOSATE.  Does not damage essential bacteria and biota in the soil.

Kills annual weeds and grasses.

Repeat spraying can kill some perennial weeds.

NOT to be applied to crops or animal feed crops. ACVM exempt.

Contains: Fatty Acids - Capric/Caprylic Acid 700G/L.

Directions for use:  Dilute 70mls of Kleen Away Organic Weed Strike to 1 litre of water (use 100mls to 1 litre on harder to kill weeds).  A second application after 3-4 days will assist control.