About Kleen-Away

Looking for an effective Mould Moss and Lichen remover?

Kleen-Away really works, killing the moss mould and lichen, and the weather does the rest. 

Property Maintenance Companies and Commercial Cleaners love our Kleen-Away product because its so easy to apply, with no mixing or diluting, kills growth within a 24 hour period, and protects from regrowth for an additional 12 MONTHS! 

This is a concentrate product, you need to dilute 1 part Kleen-Away with 5 parts water, add to your weed sprayer, and then spray onto your deck, roof, tiles, bricks, fence, driveway, concrete path, pool areas. 

Non toxic, non caustic, safe to use on metal roofs and wooden decks. 

Contains the same quantity (percentage) and same active ingredients that other much more expensive brands use. Active Ingredient is 10% Alkyl Dimethyl Benzylammonium Chloride. 

money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.