Kleen-Away 2.3L Refill (2 packs)

Kleen-Away 2.3L Refill (2 packs)

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Looking for an effective Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae remover? then look no further! This Kleen Away two pack of 2.3 Lt Refill bottles gives you approximately 690 square meters of cleaning.  Non caustic, non acidic, no bleach.

Please note:  Refill bottle is designed to be used with Kleen Away 2.3Lt sprayer nozzle.

Perfect for pool surround areas, decking, garden stone, concrete areas, paths, masonry, fiberglass, asphalt, canvas, timber, lawn, astroglass, clay, decramastic roof tiles, colour steel, glass, fibrolite roofing, brick, hinuera and oamaru stone, glazed and terracotta pottery.

Directions: Attach your garden hose to sprayer nozzle and spray affected areas.  The black and red on/off valves are off when in the vertical position.  The black circle valve needs to be turned on (horizontal position) for liquid to come out of the bottle.  Red circle valve needs to be turned on (horizontal position) for hose water to spray.  Depending on water pressure, you should get a 3 metre or more water spray from the nozzle.  Adjust pressure if necessary using red on/off valve and/or garden tap.  When happy with a 3 metre or more water spray exiting the nozzle, turn the black valve to the full on position.  The area being sprayed will now start to show a white foam.  Cover the area in a wide sweeping motion, saturating the area with the product.  Hint: do not spray in windy conditions as product will drift.  Do not allow product to enter or contaminate fish ponds, drains, water ways.

Roofs:  If on tank water, disconnect supply and allow four weeks with a minimum of 6mm rain over this period before reconnection.

Pets:  Keep animals off treated surface until product has dried.  Wash paws with fresh water if effected to avoid licking.

Reaction time:  You should see a change in colour of moss/mould/lichen within one to two weeks.  This means the moss/mould/lichen has been killed and has died.  The natural effect of the weather (wind and rain) will wash the surface sprayed, clean.  Badly contaminated surfaces may take 6 to 12 months to come clean.  If the cleaned surface is not exposed to rainfall or is vertical, some assistance may be required to remove the dead growth.